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Interview - Sarah Jane Stratford

English Version

Me: Where did you get the idea of creating a book?
Sarah: I have been writing for years – I wrote screenplays and stage plays mostly. To be honest, I was almost surprised to find myself writing a book, even though I love fiction. But I really credit Brigit for it – I was just minding my own business and suddenly had this vision of a vampire on a train attempting to escape Nazi Germany. Since that's not the sort of vision one has very often, I had to follow where it led. I had never written anything like it before. However, I was a huge 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' fan and enchanted by the storytelling possibilities the show demonstrated. Fantasy can allow for a different level of exploration into humanity. Plus, let's face it, it's fun.
Me: The history of this book passes in The Second Mundial War. For what you chose this scenario?
Sarah: I've always been interested in resistance movements, and that period is rife with wonderful stories of bravery and the determination to fight for humanity even in the face of disaster. Furthermore, I found the power of the two groups deeply compelling. Vampires and Nazis are each terrifying and strong – the vampires are highly intelligent and mostly immortal; and the Nazis, as a movement, feel themselves effectively immortal. Once I saw the possibilities in pitting them against each other, I had to see what would happen.
Me: The Midnight Guardian is a vampire book. Where did the idea of writing a book about vampires?
Sarah: I really have to credit 'Buffy.' While I of course enjoyed 'Dracula' and other classic vampire stories, it was 'Buffy' that got me excited about the possibilities. Also, I love history, and the idea of creatures who are "living" history – repositories of centuries of human knowledge, if we could just access it – was utterly enticing. They know more about us than we ever could, which is our tragedy, but they can't be us, which is theirs.
Me: There are rumors about a possible continuation of The Midnight Guardian. This is true? And if it is, when you want publish this new book of the novel?
Sarah: Yes, indeed! The second book is called The Moonlight Brigade and will be in US stores on August 2, 2011. It's currently available for pre-order on Amazon. So far as I know, it's being discussed with foreign publishers towards possible publication elsewhere too. It picks up the story a few months later. I can't tell you too much else about it yet…but I can say that it's about Mors!
Me: You have other projects besides this book?
Sarah: Oh yes! I'm working on a few plays and a new book that would be something very different. I like to have several things to work on at any one time – that way, when one isn't coming, I can give attention and energy to something else, rather than being tempted to tear out my hair. My hairdresser is much happier that way.
Me: Your book is an international success.  You imagined it would happen?
Sarah: While I do have an active imagination, I was just going to be happy if anyone read the book and enjoyed it. The fact that so many people in so many countries are reading and loving it is overwhelming. I'm so thrilled!
Me: Your book is well known in Brazil, how, I believe, you know. Do you want come to Brazil, maybe in a tour? Believe on me, all will love receive you ;)
Sarah: Thank you so much - I would absolutely love to! I'm very hopeful that can happen – and soon! I know it would be amazing. Everyone there has been so wonderful and I really can't wait to meet them all and thank them in person.


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